Wyle Cop is a steep street heading down from the junction of High Street and St. Mary's Street / Dogpole to the English Bridge.
SYWYL01 Frith 38099 
Shrewsbury, Wyle Cop  2002 view
SYWYL02 Wilding
Similar view, perhaps a little later.
SYWYL10 RM & S 'Princess' 6509
SYWYL03 Similar view, very much later - Salmon 17509, 1950s
SYWYL08 A 1960s view showing the Lion Hotel to the right
SYWYL05 The Lion Hotel
looking up Wyle Cop
2002 view
SYWYL06 Wyle Cop, with Dogpole to the left, before widening c. 1926
SYWYL07 Wilding 1031
Lower Wyle Cop and English Bridge (prior to widening in 1926) 2002 view 1 
SYWYL04 Unknown
Wyle Cop
(looking up the hill)
2002 view
SYWYL09 Edwin Cole 751
The Wyle Cop
SYWYL11 - Woodbury 1780, 1906 Woodbury 1780
Wyle Cop
SYWYL12 - Davidson S200-4 Davidson's S200-4
Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury
Judges 3362:  Wyle Cop Judges 3362
Wyle Cop
Photochrom:  Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop Photochrom
Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop

Dogpole is the section of street between St. Mary's Street and the junction with High Street and Wyle Cop
SYDOG01 Walter Scott, Bradford 

2002 view