The Market Square is located off High Street.  The old Market Building, later the Town Hall, has rooms above an open sided area which still contains holes drilled into the stonework in a chequerboard pattern - these were used for holding pegs for keeping track (tally) of amounts sold.  The Assize Court was, up until the 1960s, held in the building on the left of the first picture.  The foreground statue is of Lord Clive.  The last pictures show the Princess Street end of the old Market Building.

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SYSQU01 A Frith picture c.1900 SYSQU02 - Tuck's 'Oilette' 2441, 1907 Tuck's 'Oilette' 2441
SYSQU05 Valentine's 7101
The Square
WHS "Kingsway" S7728
Old Market Hall
SYSQU08 Valentines 7315

The Square ~1875

SYSQU12 Photochrom 76561

The Square

SYSQU09 RM&S "Princess" 24983
The Square ~ 1920
SYSQU15 RM&S "Cleveland" 24983
SYSQU11 R M &S "Cleveland"
Old Market Square and Clive Statue
SYSQU16 Walter Scott CC593
The Square
SYSQU13 Wilding 186
The Old Market Hall
SYSQU13 Wilding 
The Old Market Hall
SYSQU06 Wilding's 1067
View of lower part of Market Hall
SYSQU07 Shire Hall 
(built 1837)
SYSQU10 Frith's 28913
Shrewsbury, Old Town Hall
Frith's Princess Street - 1912 Frith's 
Old Market Hall & Princess Street 
Tucks 7695 - Town Hall, Shrewsbury Tuck's 7695
The Town Hall
Wilding 1825:  Princess Street (E A Phipson) Wilding 1825
Princess Street 
(E A Phipson)
Valentines 21912:  Old Market Hall Valentines 21912
Old Market Hall