The first photograph was taken looking towards the Quarry from near the modern Kingsland toll bridge, on the far side of the bridge from the town.  The building on the left is the Pengwern Rowing Club boathouse associated with Shrewsbury School, which is on the top of the hill directly above the boathouse (not visible in this photograph).  About six feet above ground level on the boathouse there is a plaque showing the level the river Severn reached during a major flood.  During the early 1960s I recall the Severn flooding to a point where the Port Hill suspension bridge was impassable and one had to cross the Severn at the Welsh Bridge - and even then you could only get to the bridge on planks erected on stagings in the street.  The water level on the upstream side of the Welsh Bridge was at least two feet higher than on the downstream side, and the excess water flooded Frankwell and the side streets leading down to the river.
SYKIN01 20303 
River Severn at Shrewsbury
SYSEV01 Valentines 204296
Boating on River Severn, Shrewsbury
2002 views from Kingsland Bridge  1 2

Pictures of the Pengwern Rowing Club boathouse:
SYPBH01 Valentines 
Pengwern Boat House 2002 view
SYKIN04 Valentines 17386 
Pengwern Boat House: 1912
SYPBH03 Valentine's 
School Ferry and Schools 1917 
2002 view
SYPBH02 BP and P 425 
Royal Free Grammar School from Ferry 
SYSCH03 Wilding
The Schools
SYSCH02 997 
The School Ferry 
SYKIN08 A modern view looking upstream from the Kingsland bridge SYKIN10 "Nr. the Quarry" 
(note ferry in use)

A picture of the Kingsland Bridge (opened in 1882), taken from the right bank near the Rae Brook, looking upstream:
SYKIN02 Unknown 8048 
Kingsland Bridge 
1904(*) 2002 view

A picture of the Kingsland Bridge, taken from the Quarry, looking downstream:
SYKIN02 "Regent" series
Kingsland Bridge

A picture of the Kingsland Bridge, taken from Beck's Fields, looking downstream:
SYKIN05 Westbury 1770
Suspension Bridge and Boat House 1908
2002 view

Pictures of Shrewsbury School, taken from the right bank near the Port Hill Ferry, looking downstream:  The Pengwern Boat Club boathouse is just to the right of the centre.  2002 view.
SYKIN03 Valentines 
Shrewsbury School 
SYKIN06 Judges 3351 
The School, Shrewsbury
SYKIN07 Boathouse and Schools 
SYKIN09 Valentine's 21123 
Where the Quarry pedestrian footbridge now is, with the Boathouse to left    2002 view
SYKIN12 Walter Scott P823
Shrewsbury School 1934
SYSCH04 3.
The Schools, Shrewsbury

(*)These postcards show interesting usage.  They were both posted and franked at the same time in Shrewsbury - 3 September 1904, 7:30 PM - and were both addressed to the same person in Masterton, New Zealand.  The Kingsland Bridge card bears no message, has a halfpenny stamp, and the sender crossed out "POST CARD" and wrote "PRINTED MATTER".   The Shrewsbury School card has a message on the picture side, and has a one penny stamp.  They both arrived in Wellington on October 19th, 1904 (not bad going).  The POSTCARD with the penny stamp has a Wellington receiving stamp and a Masterton receiving stamp - dated 20th October 1904.  The PRINTED MATTER card has no Wellington receiving stamp, but has a Masterton receiving stamp dated 21st October 1904.  They must have come on the same boat, but may have been in different bags on arrival in Wellington.  It is hard to imagine that, had they been in the same bag, they would not both have been received in Masterton on the same day - unless the NZ Post Office, as a matter of policy, deliberately delayed the PRINTED MATTER card.