High Street runs from Pride Hill to Dogpole.  In this view looking towards Pride Hill, the entrance to the Square is just to the left in the immediate foreground.  Ireland's Mansion (shown in the third and fourth cards) is visible to the left on the first picture.
SYHIG01SYHIG03 Looking towards Pride Hill / Mardol Head from the Square

2002 view

SYHIG04 Looking towards Mardol Head

2002 view

Salmon 2682
Around the 1920s
SYHIG06 Hight Street, looking towards Mardol Head.  The entrance to Grope Lane (see below) is visible at the extreme right.  2002 view

Early print

Ireland's Mansion
Ireland's Mansion dates from the late 16th Century, and was built as the home of a wool merchant.
SYHIG02 (1944 usage) Tucks 7695 - Ireland's Mansion, Shrewsbury Ireland's Mansion SYIRL04 - Wilding's
SYIRL01 P988 SYIRL03 Salmon "Sepio" 4252 SYIRL05 Celesque G47559
SYIRL05 Ireland's Mansion
SYIRL05 Photo Precision 9204
Kingsway S7725:  Ireland's Mansion,  1912 Kingsway S7725 Ireland's Mansion 1912

Grope Lane provides a passageway from High Street to Fish Street.
SYGRO01 Grope Lane 
1906 (off High Street, near Fish Street)
2002 view
SYGRO04 Wilding
Grope Lane
SYGRO02 Valentine's 204307
(looking towards High Street)
SYGRO03 Frith 49488
Grope Lane