Frankwell is the area on the outward side of the Severn immediately across the Welsh Bridge.  Many of the old houses still remained in the 1960s, one of them - the old Co-op - has been saved and is now in an industrial museum near Bromsgrove.
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Frankwell, Old Houses

An old print showing the Welsh Bridge

(Below, left) a picture of the new Welsh Bridge (built 1796), taken around 1910.  This was taken from the Frankwell side of the bridge, looking upstream, from somewhere across the river from the Priory School - where the boys are standing, the river could be forded when not in flood.    The buildings in the right foreground have now been demolished .  Note the towpath to the right:  in the middle of the bridge, on the downstream side, several iron mooring points for boats were still to be seen in the 1960s.

In heavy floods around 1960, the river level is said to have almost reached the top of the arches.
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