The English Bridge crosses the Severn between Wyle Cop and the Abbey.  This is one of two mediaeval bridges here, the other being the Welsh Bridge on the western side of Shrewsbury.  It is said that the Welsh were at one time outlawed from Shrewsbury Town and were therefore fair game for anybody except on Market days, when they had to be out of town before dusk.

The two church spires in the first 4 views are St. Alkmund's to the left, and St. Mary's to the right.  St Mary's carries a rather sad plaque, in verse, about a tightrope walker named Cadman who attempted to descend a rope stretched from St. Mary's spire to the Gay Meadow - an area of fields now the home of Shrewsbury Town Football Club, directly across the river from, and at least a hundred feet lower than the base of St. Mary's Church.  The rope broke and he was killed.
SYEBR01 21. 
"English Bridge, Shrewsbury"
2002 view
SYEBR02 Boots'
(Valentines picture)
SYEBR02 Wilding's
English Bridge, Shrewsbury
SYEBR02 Wilding's
English Bridge, Shrewsbury
SYEBR06 Valentine's
"English Bridge"
At confluence with Rae Brook
English Bridge 
(looking towards Abbey)

Views taken from the English Bridge, looking downstream:
SYRSI012002 view "Castle" - 'Salop Infirmary from English Bridge' (the RSI is the building just to the right of St. Mary's Church spire)
SYEBR05 Valentine's 72221
Council House and Watch Tower from River Severn;  1920s

An old print

The opening of the rebuilt bridge, 1927