The Dingle, a small ornamental park, is in the centre of the Quarry.  For many years this was managed by Percy Thrower.
SYDIN02 "Princess" RM & S
"The Dingle, Shrewsbury"
SYDIN03 Princess
"The Dingle, Shrewsbury"
SYDIN01 Photochrom - "Shrewsbury, the Dingle" SYDIN01 Valentine's
In The Dingle
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The Dingle
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This view shows The Avenue, leading from the river past The Dingle.
These lime trees, of which some were planted in 1900, were cut down for safety reasons around 1948, but new trees were planted shortly afterwards
SYQRY02 "Castle"

Quarry Avenue
2002 view

SYQAV02 6094

Quarry Avenue

SYQAV02 Hartmann 2751.4
Middle Walk
SYQAV05 Walter Scott P830
Quarry Avenue 1905 Quarry Avenue

This view shows the trees beside the Severn looking downstream; the School Boathouse can just be seen to  the right.
SYQRY03 Walter Scott P829
Avenue in The Quarry

Looking towards the Severn, statue of Hercules in centre.
SYQAV03 Valentine's 21929
The Avenue

The War Memorials, at the top of the Quarry near St. Chad's Church
SYQRY05 - R M & S R M & S 'Princess'
Bronze Statue, Shropshire War Memorial
SYWAR01 - Edwin Cole (Wildings), 1906 Wilding / Edwin Cole
South African War Memorial