Castle Street extends from the junction of Pride Hill and St. Mary's Street down past the Castle gateway to the Railway station.
The first and second views show the old School, up to the 1960s this was the Public Library.  The circular object just to the left of centre in the second picture is the pedestal of a statue of Charles Darwin.    The fourth picture shows the view looking down Castle Street with the old Presbyterian Church in the centre: the Castle entrance is just down past the church to the right.
SYCAS01 2002 view SYCAS03
SYLIB01 E Tudman 2849-109
Free Library and Museum
SYFRE01 Wilding
Free Library
SYCAS05 Walter Scott CC577
Raven Hotel and Castle Street   1957
SYCAS02 2002 view
SYCST11 F Frith 6325
Pailin's Cake Shop

School Lane (just off Castle Street)
SYSCH01 - Wildings Wildings 1063
School Lane

2002 view

The Castle
SYCST01 Valentine's SYCST02 Pelham
The Castle 
(from station forecourt area)
The ramp below the Castle leads up to the platforms:  the entire forecourt area was dug out in the late 1800s, and the station basement became the street level entrance (see below).    2002 view
SYSTA01 F. Frith
Station Approach c. 1897
Note the forecourt ground level slopes up to the station in this picture.
SYSTA02 F Frith
After the forecourt area has been excavated.

2002 view 1   2

SYCST06 WHS S7718 ("Aldwych" series)
Note the street lamp at the right of the picture

2002 view

SYCST05 Valentine's 204303
(from across the station forecourt)
C. 1920s - motor vehicles have taken over from the horse-drawn cabs.  Note the letter box in the foreground.
SYCST10 "Princess" R M &S 6510 SYCAS04 12302
MOB "50 Pound prize picture Postcard Contest, Weekly Telegraph"
SYCST03 Valentine's
Shrewsbury Castle
(The end of the station building is just visible on the left)
SYCST07 Unknown
"Shrewsbury Castle"
C: 1910: Interior view
2002 view 1  2
SYCST08 Wilding 793
Shrewsbury Castle
SYCST09 RM & S "Cleveland"
"The Castle, Shrewsbury"
SYCST04 "Princess" 18601
"River Severn from Castle"
The English Bridge is just out of sight upstream.  The building to the right is the Royal Salop Infirmary; the field on the left is the "Gay Meadow" - home of Shrewsbury F.C.
SYGEN08 Salmon 17514 (1962)
Shrewsbury from Castle Tower


SYWAT01 Judges, "The Water Gate".
This steep lane leads down to the river from the rear of St. Mary's Church.   It is said that failure to secure this gate gave entry and caused the town to fall during the Civil War.

2002 view 1 2

SYCST12 Wilding 1117
"Traitor's Gate"
St. Mary's Water Lane
SYCAS06 "Princess"
Norman Gateway
Shrewsbury Castle

The Raven Hotel, Castle Street: demolished around 1965.  The frontage with arched windows was rebuilt in the 1950s.
SYCST01 Wilding 989


SYCST01 Rather later? Quick's Clacton:  Raven Hotel Quick's, Clacton
Raven Hotel

The Gateway House, just off Castle Street by the entrance to the Castle grounds.  This was built in 1620.
SYCOU01 Council House
WS P874
SYCGH01 Tuck
Council House Gateway
SYCOU02 Unknown 6495
Old Council House

2002 view

The view looking towards Castle Street.
SYGWH01 Gateway House SYGWH02 Unknown 19
The Gate House


SYGWH03 Salmon "Sepio" 4254
The Gate House
SYGWH03 ETW Dennis
"Dainty" Series
Old Gatehouse

2002 view

Castlefields / Monkmoor
SYCAS07 "Castle"
The Castle Bridge  1910