Rowley's House, a museum up to the 1960s, is located off Barker Street next to what was then the Midland Red Bus Station.  Local legend had it that this area contained a slum which was being pulled down, and Rowley's House was discovered inside the vastly overgrown building - and fortunately preserved.
SYROW01 Salmon 17515 

2002 view

SYROW05 Dennis S2033
Rowley's House Museum  1964

The Ship Inn was situated in Barker Street, near the Welsh Bridge and adjacent to Rowley's Mansion (shown above).
New Ship Inn, Shrewsbury "Piper" series 94
Rowley's Mansion
Hill's Lane
New Ship Inn, Shrewsbury Wilding 151
In the New Ship Yard
Tucks 7695 - New Ship Inn, Shrewsbury Tuck's "Oilette"
Old Ship Inn