I can provide postcard image CDs -

Price: 10 Pounds / Euros including international airmail postage, payable by Paypal (preferably) or in cash (at sender's risk).  Please contact me john.elsbury[at]gmail.com

Alderney Postcards CD                                                       (1000+ images)
 Guernsey, Sark, and Herm                                                 (500+ images)
Jersey general                                                                    (400+ images)
French and English Channel ports and towns (mostly LL)       (1300+ images including several booklets)
JWS                                                                                  (3000+ images)
Isle of Wight (mostly LL) CD                                                (250+ images)
Tasmania  (mostly Ash Bester RP cards)                             (250+ images)
Shrewsbury                                                                        (350+ images)
New Zealand including a good selection of
FGR RP topo cards                                                            (1800+ images)

CI LL (DVD) including images of many,                                (3000+ images)
  and in some cases all, cards in series by:
-    LL (Guernsey, Jersey, and Sark)
-    Judges (Guernsey, Jersey, and Sark)
-    Hartmann (all four islands)
-    Jersey other publishers including
     -    ND (Neurdein)
     -    Albert Smith
     -    H G Allix
     -    Geo-Barre
     -    G Bridle
     -    ED
     -    EL
     -    RB
     -    Filleul
     -    F Foot
     -    Germain Fils
     -    Geoffroy-Chanel
     -    H Toovey
     -    J Puel
     -    AGLM (more modern)