UK Postcards
This website contains a collection of images showing views of the south of England, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, and adjacent French ports:  also views of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  The images are from postcards published in the "Golden Age" - from around 1904 to 1914 - although some were used later.

The postcards are principally by J Welch and Sons ("JWS"), of Portsmouth;  and LL, a French publisher who produced many postcards showing English views - in colour, and in black and white, using a collotype process.

CDs are available with the same information as the sites listed below, but with higher quality images, upon request - priced at 15 pounds sterling (including worldwide airmail postage), or the equivalent in USD or Euros.  Payment can be made via Palpal or as a cash remittance.
Individual images scanned at 300 DPI are also available (suitable for enlargement / printing) and can be sent via e-mail..

If you require further information please contact the author using the e-mail address

There are four separate subsites here:

The author also has other websites showing NZ postcards  and Channel Islands postcards

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